Manic Monday Florals and Finds

This weekend has flown by.
While I spent the majority of my weekend with my family, I did have time to experiment with acrylics. I came up with my rendition of an Quilly Chrysanthemum (also know as “First Lady”).

I’ve been observing plenty of floral inspired creations recently. They are a part of spring and summer that may be most difficult to part with.
As an Etsy shop owner, I’d like to feature a few of my favorites from other Etsy shops:

Fen of BeadFloraJewels creates an array of intricate beaded florals. She uses extreme detail in each handcrafted piece creating bouquets, hair adornment and more. This is one of my personal favorites in her collection:

Heather of BeadifulBaublesSC creates a variety of original jewelry pieces. Today’s example is a lovely display of her talents. Inspired by lace originating from her grandmothers’ wedding gown she has created this piece draped with pearls:

Jennifer of iWunder knits these small colorful flowers. They make the perfect accessory to a scarf, handbag or as an applique or pendant:

Another one of my favorites are printed cards from Karen of Yarrow1 . Among her artistic creations are prints of her original artwork and her floral cards are perfect to have on hand:

This is just a small sampling of what can be found among these shops. Take a look to the left of this blog at the list of Challengettes and visit their shops. You’ll be amazed at the talent and variety you find!

8 thoughts on “Manic Monday Florals and Finds

  1. Yeah! I can comment now 🙂 Thanks so much for making this little flower collection Kila, such amazing finds. Those beaded bouquets that Fen makes are just out of this world, and Karen’s watercolor painting too!

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