Cheers for Cooler Weather!

November is here, at last. Living in Southern California, I’m ready for some cooler weather. I just love the crisp, overcast sky and smell of damp leaves in the morning…goes great with a warm mug of coffee or tea. So in the spirit of all things fall-like I’d like to show off a few of my selections as the seasons Etsy Must Haves:
Ginny of Ginpins in Northern California makes awesome Clay pieces includes buttons,mugs, pendants and more. Here is just a sampling of her many designs:
Swap Mug #1

Need something to sit that mug down on? How about a custom coaster set from Elle of ElleQuilts :
S'mores, Please, Hot Chocolate Mug Coasters

And who would not want to wrap themselves up in a warm, cozy scarf on these cool, chilly days? Here’s a fave One Of a Kind handmade beauty from Celeste of Crickets Creations:
Red Black Grey White School Team Colors Handknit Scarf for Hot Topic Types

Stash your lip balm ( I love the Strawberry and Coffee & Kahlua from DaisyCakesSoap ) and other goodies in a lovely felted bag by Sue of MaddyandMe :

All of these Stylish Finds were choosen from shops on The place to find all things handmade! Have a lovely day.


11 thoughts on “Cheers for Cooler Weather!

  1. Wow Kila, such a fabulous honor to be featured on your blog—especially alongside Elle, Sue and Celeste! I’m giddy with excitement 😀 Thanks!

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