Refresh – Revive – Repair

Whenever I need a bit of time to myself to unwind, relax, focus and think I head to the beach. For me, nothing is as calming, rejuvenating and inspiring as the ocean.

Breathing in the fresh, salty air for a bit leaves me feeling calm, settled within myself, my mind and heart repaired and refreshed. I can return home (pockets filled with bits of shell and pebbles) ready to face work, family…my life.

Other things that invoke comparable feelings for me are long walks and various other forms of exercise. What do you do to Refresh, Revive, Repair?

7 thoughts on “Refresh – Revive – Repair

  1. this is so beatiful Kila, I also NEED the ocean as part of my life. I always feel so centered around the sea! Exercise is a must and I love quiet time with a great book!

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