February Challenge: I’ve Learned to Crochet

I did it! On February 2, 2010 I began my first crochet project. Equipped with two balls of cotton yarn, a crochet hook and a firm resolve to succeed I  set out to learn to crochet.  I searched the web for “How To’s” until I came across one that seemed to make sense, that I could follow.  This may be different for everyone, so I suggest doing the same until you come across instructions that suit you best.  I decided to start with the tutorial I found at Lion Brand Yarn’s web site.  The instructions were simple enough and there were video demonstrations throughout.  I started with my chain and moved on to the single stitch.  One thing I neglected to do was count the stitches in each row resulting in some uneven edges.  Alyssa, my daughter, helped me select a completely different yarn for the fringe and I followed a tutorial a friend had found on You Tube on Finishing the Scarf & Fringe.
The end result, though not perfect (you can see lots of flaws if you look closely), is acceptable. Approved by Alyssa.
Since it’s still mid-February, I have began tackling another simple scarf for my son. I’m on the fifth or sixth row. On this new scarf, slowly learning with experience, I’ve decided to use a thicker yarn and a larger crochet hook. I’m also trying a slightly different technique and I’m just planning to enjoy my progress.  
I believe this is something I’ll stick with, at least endeavor to pick up some new enticing yarn and a hook every once in a while. Drawn by the selections of soft yarn, beautiful colors and the calm that the actual crocheting brings, how could I resist.

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