How To: Take a Screen Shot

There are a few ways to take screen shots of Etsy Front Page, Treasuries, whatever you’d like.
I’m posting the way that seemed simplest to me as requested by , designer of great leather accessories:

I use Microsoft Windows.
I went to my “Accessories” folder and found the “Snipping Tool” and clicked on it.
Click on “Options”.
Check “Display icon in the Quick Launch toolbar”
Select “Ok”
You will see a lovely little icon with a pair of scissors on your windows toolbar (near your Explorer/Firefox…icons, usually along the bottom of your screen).
Now for the fun:
Go to the page that you would like to take a screenshot of.
Click the Snipping Tool Icon so that the little box is on your screen.
Click the page you want a screenshot of and select F11 on your keyboard and wait.
Alt Tab until you get to Snipping Tool and let go.
Click “New” on Snipping Tool.
Move cursor to corner and make selection (hold down left mouse button and trace)
When you let go a box will pop up with your selection.
Save by either clicking image of Floppy Disc or by selecting File/Save As
Name your file and note where it is saved.
Press F11 on your screen to return it to normal size.
And you are done.
Have Fun and let me know if you have further questions or comment if you use an alternate method!
Want to be notified via email when you are on the Front Page?
I recently found this nifty feature on Click Here

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