2012 And I’m Jumping Right In!

Well, I feel like it was weeks ago when I’d jotted down my 2011 goals, resolutions, plans and ambitions.  And now here we are in 2012 a year older, a tiny bit wiser and still with my mind buzzing with goals and dreams.

My 2011 post was entitled “Bloom Where You are Planted”.  It included things like nurturing my children, learning new techniques with my jewelry making and being okay mentally with what I could reasonably accomplish versus what I dream of accomplishing.  All in all, it was a great year.

The best part of entering 2012 is that the thing I’d mentioned one year ago as something “I would love” to be able to do is one thing that I’m blessed to be able to take on this year.  At the end of this month I’ll be starting my first full time semester at the local Community College.  I’m excited and nervous but so eager to begin.

2012 is a basic plan and I’m willing to share (also helps keep me feeling accountable). So here you go:


  • Increase my spirituality. 
  • Be the best parent I can be.
  • Be completely gluten free and eat a diet consisting of mostly. vegetables, fruits and nuts.
  • Exercise at least 4 days per week.
  • Successfully complete 2 semesters of school.
  • Continue to develop my skills as an artist of sorts and nurture my business so it continues to grow and be profitable materially and mentally.

And that’s about it. I know my limitations but will not let that stop me from moving forward and living the life I want to live.

So, how about you? Do you have any exciting goals you’d like to reach or reach toward this year?

(Thanks to http://weighingthefacts.blogspot.com for use of their image.)

6 thoughts on “2012 And I’m Jumping Right In!

  1. Thank you! I think writing down everything you want, great and small is a good idea. Maybe that will be something for me to consider next year. So far, so good here.

  2. I hope you reach your goals… I have a lot too, but haven’t committed to writing them all down, maybe I should consider that.
    Please omit the first reply, too early for me to be typing. 🙂 Drinking more coffee now.

  3. Brava Kila – I don’t know if my ideas are exciting to anyone but me, but basically, I’m writing down what I want. Big and small. Everything from a week in Hawaii to a pedicure. Mostly though, at least for the first quarter, I want to write out a fictional story that’s been buzzing my brain for a while. Enjoy school and the Year! Salut!

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