Here is my amazing son, Micah, showing off one of his tools of destruction.  We were going through some boxes in the garage a while back and we came across this axe (and a feather headdress practically turned to dust, the drum that came with the trio well used and long gone).


The memories came back to me. How did I acquire this treasure? I feel a twinge of shame when I see it. Road trip with my parents and sister, I think it was to Yosemite, I may have been ten years old.  We each were told we could choose a souvenir.  My sister selected an adorable little pair of abalone butterfly earrings.  I remember this because of what followed.  I chose a play set with a headdress, drum and axe.  Imagine all the adventures I could have!  I was no doubt a girlie girl (carried a purse since kindergarten), but I had plenty of purses and shiny things.  I needed to spice up my inventory of accessories.  “No!” said Mom and Dad. “How about something pretty like your sister”.  We left with nothing for me but I threw the biggest, brattiest, most tearful, pouting, whining fit and well we ended up back at the shop and drove away, as proud as I could be with my accessories on my lap. My family may remember this a little differently but I still feel shame when I remember the fuss I threw.

However, now my son is enjoying his axe (my sisters earrings are long gone). In that box of memories, mainly of interest to my daughter, I had one thing my boy could say was “awesome”!  And well, that made Mom feel awesome!

2 thoughts on “Tomahawk

  1. What a cool toy! It’s nice you have something you treasured when you were little and now your son can enjoy! what a cutie!

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