Web Design, Media, Social Networking…What?!

Just a little venting here.  I’ve been attempting to update my website, make it pretty and viewer friendly. I must remember to insert the links to all of the images and twitter, facebook and other social sites.  I’m tired and all the images and text are running together into one cloudy blur.  I think it looks lovely with just a few adjustments it should be just right; for now anyway.  Let the shoppers come.

Tomorrow I’ll likely wake up, pour my first cup of coffee and when I flip on the computer and visit my site and see new areas to improve, rearrange, adjust.  Well, I’ll hope not too many.  Feedback is welcome.

My next step (besides actually making time to create jewelry) is to work on my photos and add more made to order pieces to my web shop. Maybe find a few lovely women or girls willing to model my designs.  However, that is for another day.  Tonight I wish you sweet dreams of lovely things!

2 thoughts on “Web Design, Media, Social Networking…What?!

  1. I’ve always known you to excel at what you do especially when you put your mind into it! The site looks awesome! I hear you girl on all the frustrations of putting together a web site! No wonder there are people out there that make a killing out of web design!! I ‘m losing my hair! ;-P Tomorrow will be better, you’ll get it to where you want it to be, no doubt!

  2. Everything always looks better in the morning with a cup of coffee 😉 It all looks good! No worries I am doing the same thing on my end…work, work, work

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