Accepting A Bit of Chaos

Prior to children, everything had it’s place and had to be there. That is how I lived.  All my hangers had to match, clothes had to be clean, frames on the table top positioned just so.

Along came the kiddos, and all that has changed.  I realized quickly, after attempts to contain the clutter of toys and supplies in bins and drawers, that,  to be the mother I wanted to be, I’d need to be flexible.  Now, to some I’m still as uptight as ever but I know I’m so much better.  OCD is not something I expect to go away, but I feel good that it does not determine the quality of my life.  I’m able to accept the mess that comes with living a lovely life, enjoying my family and friends.  I know I’m using time I would previously of spent obsessing with pursuing creative endeavors, learning and growing; time is much better passed these days.

This Summer my challenge will be allowing the creative process, my jewelry making business, to spill into my dining room, kitchen and other areas of the house and be okay with it.  I no longer have a studio space and have been in a bit of a rut creatively, knowing all my supplies and tools must be pulled out and put away.  However, I plan on working every day in the Summer months, and don’t want to clean up on a daily basis; time better spent playing with the kids.

I’m eager to meet this challenge head on and a little apprehensive as well. Still, it’s happening and underway, even as I write this.  When you see all the things I’m creating, you’ll know it was likely created on my dining table alongside my daughter drawing her little bears and critters and my son stacking legos on a floor somewhere nearby.  As for me, being surrounded by people and work I love, I’m learning that there are cases when the “mess” is indeed a beautiful mess and should be left as is.

Below: A cabinet I used previously to display my finished jewelry designs now houses supplies openly in the dining room next to the hutch. I use the glass doors as a way to display my children’s art work, pleasing them and hiding my tools and supplies:


3 thoughts on “Accepting A Bit of Chaos

  1. I guess it’s the opposite for me… I’m slowly working on having matching colored hangers and working on organizing. OK, so everything is still a mess but I’m working on it.
    I think now that if everything has a place, then I would be less stressed since I can never find anything and losing everything.

    With all that said… Kiss your babies.

  2. I *try* not to stress over the mess too Kila! but when I’m pulling out my last hair, I do get teary thinking how fast they grow and how much I would miss picking up their legos and squinkies when they are 30 and not living with me *sniff sniff* Kids sure cause you to be an emotional wreck but in the overall scheme of things, a messy house is the last thing I should worry about. Go forth and create and enjoy the kiddos! the mess will be there when you are ready 😉

  3. I very much understand where you are coming from. I have been a mother for 14yrs and it struck me today that those days of mess everywhere are slowly disappearing. {I am OCD about a clean, organized home as well!} Suddenly with both of my children maturing, the house is cleaner and it’s different now…enjoy the mess, it doesn’t last for long, even though it feels like it will never end. xoxo

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