Fashion and Individuality

I love fashion, clothing, fabrics that fit and look great.  Accessorizing is so much fun; handbags, bangles, sandals and hair bling. However, I think sometimes the point of fashion is lost by the easy access to mass produced brands and frenzy over celebrity styles and designers.

Nothing makes a person look more natural than when they express their own style sense.  Individuality adds “spice” to style and fashion.  A dress that may be atrocious on every other celebrity might make that one girl who truly loves it look ethereal, a goddess because it suits her.

I’ve always loved visiting homes of new and old friends. It’s like being hugged by them, surrounded by them, and it feels good; feels like home.  You see things that are important to them and in little ways it helps you come to know who they are.  Take that away and send us all to Ikea for furniture with nothing but Target accessories, and it becomes boring and sad. Not that I have a problem with either store.

So, next time you set down that hair clip that you just love, but may appear too loud, or return to the shelf that unbelievably comfortable pair of shoes because someone else may not approve, think again.  The kid in you would laugh at the idea that what you wore concerned anyone but yourself.

“One man’s style must not be the rule of another’s.” – Jane Austen

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