Summer 2012 Begins

Well another Summer begins!  Kids are out of school and the weather is heating up.  We have been eagerly awaiting leisurely mornings of sleeping in and fun-filled days of bike riding, beach play, swimming lessons, and an altogether carefree couple of months.  That is with the exception of my hardworking husband, who must work away the days as usual (and we thank him for it).  I’m blessed that my business is something that allows for me to work when I want to, and on occasion when I must.  

On our first day of Summer, after sleeping until almost eight, we tackled the pig pen that was my son’s room.  It took a couple of hours and I had to replace the small dustbin I was using with a big plastic garbage bag.  I was a little troubled that we actually filled the Dyson’s canister! After that we relaxed and had a nice lunch and then set out on a bike ride.

We rode to one of several of our local parks, Old Poway Park, intent on making the afternoon farmers market.  Apparently, take note, they no longer hold the farmers market on Wednesday evening.  So, we enjoyed walking around the park, chasing lizards, checking out the Koi and playing in the big water fountain and the tiny creek where Micah pretended to be a troll under the bridge. Alyssa attempted in vain to reach some kumquats off the top of a well pruned tree.  We became hungry around six and David, my husband, met us for dinner at the Hamburger Factory where we enjoyed a home-style meal. And THEN!, on the way home Alyssa majorly wiped out on her bike; skinning her lovely little knees and elbows.  Dad was close bye and I was able to phone him to pick her up.  I would of taken a picture but she said it was “a memory I don’t want to keep.”

Day two of Summer break began with french toast and berries, and we also took time for lots of resting and playing at home.  Day three, today, was by far the highlight. Their uncle took them along with our niece to Knotts Soak City!  Well, needless to say they had a blast and are now sleeping soundly.

Who knows what the future days of Summer will hold. I’m sure it will include lots of swimming, beach play and even daily bickering along with all of the fun.  I’m still looking forward to all the memories we will make together.  I hope your Summer is wonderful as well!

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