New Family Member, a Furry One

We’ve added a new member to our family. Sunday we adopted a beautiful soft grey rabbit named Sir Bailey (I added the Sir so I’d remember he was male).  He’s velvety soft and lovely and has received possibly more attention and love than he could ever desire in these last couple of days. We lost our beloved Lucy, our teddy bear hamster, a few weeks ago and Alyssa has been talking and dreaming about getting a bunny for at least a year.  The bunny fantasy just got worse after Lucy passed away. 

We take animal ownership and care very seriously so we did our research and decided to consider adopting before buying at the pet shop.  My husband contacted a family who dearly loved Bailey but did not have time to give him the attention that he required, and so now he is at home with us and he seems to be fitting in pretty well.  He’s all set up in his two story condo in our back yard. We purchased his existing home so he is more comfortable and David (who is completely allergic to him but loves animals) made a few upgrades. I think we would all agree that Bailey is the perfect addition to our family.

Introducing Sir Bailey Rohner:



4 thoughts on “New Family Member, a Furry One

  1. oh my goodness! what a cutie! my kids would freak out if we had Sir Bailey or his cousin lol! too cute! and uh, his harness is totally cute!!!

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