Celebrity Gifting: Kaley Cuoco

      You all know of the beautiful model and star of the hit television show “The Big Bang Theory”, Kaley Cuoco, right?!

Kaley Cuoco

Thanks to my participation in The Artisan Group, I have the wonderful opportunity to create jewelry to be included in a gift bag full of artisan made pieces for Kaley Cuoco!  I was a bit nervous, especially after finding few photos of her adorning much jewelry. She seemed to favor very petite and understated pieces. I did a bit of research and discovered that, not only was she born in the same month as me, but she was raised close to where I was (the Central California Coast). So, having “so” much in common, I should be able to create something she will love.

Several attempts later, I came up with the necklace shown below. I created the “K” initial by hand (and with the help of a torch) using fine silver and accented with a beautifully faceted citrine gemstone in honor of her November birth. I tried to stay true to my fondness for earthy and rustic pieces by combining 14k gold-filled wire and using it to enhance the rich warm hue of the citrine. The earrings are a beautiful compliment, and I just love how they turned out; the wire wrapping, the simplicity, and how the handmade gold ear wires complete the look. I hope she loves them too!


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