Hello 2013

I’m welcoming 2013 with optimism and an openness for change.  The last few years have seemed a bit of a struggle for me, trying to figure out who I want to be and where.  I finally have come to the realization that all I really would love to see, is myself becoming a better “me”; at peace with myself, who I am and what I give. 

I have so many areas in which I’d love to improve; as a parent and wife, work, creatively, my never ending education, and spiritually.  I’ve decided it’s best to break it down into three areas; my mind (values, beliefs, art, education), my body (physically with food/exercise/medical attention if necessary), and my impact or actions (toward myself and others).  These are the three most important, basic gifts I have, gifts that I’m responsible to keep healthy.

I’m excited to feel like a new year brings a fresh opportunity for change.  Balancing my actual responsibilities, while keeping these gifts in mind may be challenging; a challenge I look forward to meeting.

So, I’m sitting here now with my laptop, personal calendar, notebook, schedules and health goals; trying to fit it all into a tidy little plan.  It may not be so neat in actuality, but it’s a start. I’m looking forward to reaching my own idea of success, while being flexible and open to change; flowing clumsily over and through the obstacles, rather than resisting.

I hope all of my friends, that have supported me and cheered me on through the years with love and motivation, by sharing their ambitions, successes, and not so shining moments with me, will find success and/or contentment in their goals and ambitions as well.

2013, let’s do this!


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