Getting Creative

Just a quick post. It’s been a while since I’ve shared a bit about what’s happening with myself and my business.  This morning I have just finished up a pair of one of my favorite earrings and packed them up in the usual pretty box, ribbon and my logo branding.  I realized how much I love this, creating for myself and others as a career. Wow, what a blessing.  It’s slow, I don’t make much of a profit if any, and a lot of times I think of throwing in the towel so to speak, but I love this job. It suits me, and I’m blessed to have the support of my husband.  My children and family remain my priority, but I hope I can do the work to allow my artistic business to grow. 

New things I’m trying in hopes of increasing sales:

  • Separating artisan and one of a kind pieces and more trendy pieces into Sections in my shop so that buyers can more easily find what they are looking for.
  • Affordable quality jewelry (less time consuming and cost for me) to attract shoppers on a budget.
  • Continue to do my favorite thing; create one of a kind unique art jewelry to satisfy collectors and clients who prefer unique quality items at a fair price.

Feel free to share feedback, I’m always open to ideas or suggestions. And PLEASE, feel free to share my website with anyone you think may be drawn to my jewelry (including boutique owners).  Thank you so much to all of my supporters, couldn’t do it without you!

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