February Already?

Happy February and Monday! I had a goal to get business files, calendar, and my whole life organized for the year by the end of the first week of January. An organized life in a week may be a bit ambitious, but as far as the rest, I sure don’t know what happened. Well, I have my suspicions.

I’m sitting here at my desk, and all I see is chaos. Now, I’am a bit of a neat freak, I need to be organized and have a schedule to function, focus, and be productive. Still, this is not ideal. Those files I purchased and planned to use to better deal with all the receipts, accounts, and sales records are still in the packaging. I did manage to move rogue beads and wire, that had somehow migrated from my “creation station” onto my desk, back to their designated areas over the weekend.  I’ll be sure to post of picture of my little work area when I get it sorted out here on my blog, making myself accountable may make me more prone to follow through.

Last night I created an action plan, I think it will be a nightly practice. I can sleep better knowing I have a plan for the day, one of intent and purpose. I also like to go over my appointments and plans the evening prior and prepare myself, because I’m one who tends to get anxious over any level of commitment to be somewhere at a specified place or time.

What goals or obstacles are you tackling this year? Feel free to share. Whatever it is your working through or toward, I wish you success.

As a reminder, you can also read my blog posts on my website at Go2GirlDesigns.com.


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