DIY Weekend: Ikea Hack Tea Chest and Stationary Storage

I thought this was a great hack to share using Ikea’s Moppe chest. I do not could not find them currently on the U.S. website, you may need to request it in your local store. I had purchased mine a few years ago and came across some great hacks using them on Pinterest. My favorite was the tea chests. I’ve got quite the stash of teas. There was such a diverse creative style (using knobs and labels and a variety of colors), I just thought I’d pull my two out and have fun. It makes a great DIY Weekend project when you can have your children working side by side on their own projects as well. It’s nice to have company, to give each other input, and just makes for some good creative family time.

I’d like to mention, that there is quite a bit of assembly required on these little chests, it comes broken down and packed flat. That could possibly of been the reason I chose to leave them as is after assembly. I was done.

I had used one for stationary and one was not really being used for much.

The first one, that I used for stationary I just played around with and decided to do a light color block pattern with Aqua , lime green  , and brown acrylic craft paint. Then I sealed over with a clear finish. So simple.

The tea chest is really my favorite. I wanted a little more warmth and depth with this so I used warmer colors, and few simple unpainted appliqués from Michaels Craft Store. I rubbed a diluted brown paint into the grain on the top and sides. While that was drying,  I pulled out the drawers and did a similar wash with the colors I wanted on the face and appliqués.  Once it all dried, sparingly using gold paint diluted with water, I rubbed it over the appliqués and select areas just to give it more of an aged look.  I covered it all with a clear finish.

You really can’t go wrong with such a simple project and now that drab chest of drawers that is one of my most used an favorite storage pieces in my home. A simple and functional DIY weekend,  give it a try.



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