DIY Weekend: 20 Minute Necklace Display


This is a quick and simple DIY I had to share. I know there are so many bigger projects one can tackle on a weekend, but, if your like me, you often need the weekend to rest, spend time with family and friends, and take care of household responsibilities. This is perfect for satisfying the desire to be crafty within a small time frame.

I wanted a necklace display to pair with the earring display I’d made (see this post).  I was just waiting to find a mirror or frame that caught my eye.  This little hand embroidered garage sale gem was a great find at under three dollars.

No real instructions needed. Just grab some screw in hooks at your local hardware store. I purchased the smallest that I could find, sold as 5/8″ Cup Hooks.

Screw into base of frame, make sure the piece you choose to work with has a nice flat surface for screws, and that you only screw in to depth that will not break through the other side. I used a ruler and marked equal spacing for screws in advance and worked from the center out, adding a screw to each side of center and out just to keep it all even. Hang it, add your necklaces. How easy is that?  I think I’m thrilled with the result. Functional, visually appealing, and affordable.


I’d love to see a photo or comments if you try this yourself.

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