As Seen on CW6 San Diego Living

I was blessed, I can say that now after several days of trying to not appear on television, to be invited to share my jewelry and a bit about Etsy (one of the venue’s I use to sell my jewelry) on our local CW6 San Diego Living.  I met some lovely individuals, and it was a great experience for me.  As I tried to explain to someone yesterday, it gave me that same feeling in the pit of my stomach you get when you are about to drop on a rollercoaster or zip line, and yet you are rewarded with the little adrenalin rush and exhilaration of accomplishment after it’s over.  I don’t know that I would do it again, but I’m glad I did.  My instinct was to hide, and then I decided I would share in the excitement my friends and supporters feel for me and just enjoy it. So, here it is for anyone who would like to take a peek at the likely beginning and end of my television career. 

Click to View

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