DIY Weekend: Painted Jewelry Box

I came across a cute inexpensive raw wood jewelry box at a Michaels craft store and couldn’t resist. I already had several acrylic craft paints. I chose three from among those favorite colors. So, all that was needed was paint, brushes, and water. However, I’d been hanging on to some beautiful ceramic pieces created by my friend I’d met through Etsy, Ginny. They were perfect for this project. Before I began painting, I worked the little wooden knobs out of the four drawers. They wouldn’t be needed. I had something better in mind. Once everything dried, all painted areas were sealed by brushing with a clear satin gloss. Then it was time to pull out my hot glue gun. A ceramic domed disk was attached to each drawer to form the knobs. They were just right. It was a lovely few hours with my coffee, a peaceful Fall playlist, and the project at hand. Although I love the final result, the best part of this project was the time I spent so absorbed in what I was working on that all my cares slipped away. I hope you can make time and find something to paint, upcycle, or create and enjoy a little carefree time too. I guarantee it’s worth it


The box can be found at




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