DIY Weekend: Macrame is A-Okay

Yes, I can admit that I’m a seventies baby and anything macrame always makes me smile. Now, I don’t have to hide my fondness because the trend is back. I’m not sharing a tutorial because there are hundreds (possibly thousands) of excellent tutorials online and on YouTube. I’ve “pinned” several looks I liked and then turned to google searching to educate myself on a few basics.

There’s a big blank space of wall over my headboard and i thought a large macrame focal would look great, but first I wanted to make sure I actually enjoyed the process of creating a macrame piece prior to making any investment. I’ve had a piece of driftwood I found several years ago and could never part with and some yarn I already had on hand.

For my first attempt, I’m pleased with how this piece turned out. I have learned several macrame knots and have a few first timer tips. First of all, a nice straight stick, pole, whatever would of been much simpler than uneven driftwood for a beginner project. I kept having to readjust to make it even. Also, wool yarn is not so great. It wants to tangle and doesn’t glide. In contrast the silk yarn was perfection. However, silk would be extremely pricy for a large project. I can see why rope is used, my hands got pretty tired from tying all those tiny knots.

I’ve also learned that the majority of my crafting supplies I’ve accumulated over the years tend to be in my favorites colors, mainly shades of green.

A few months back I’d also done a basic plant hanger for my ever expanding pothos and I really love how it turned out as well (photo below) I found macrame to be an enjoyable craft, and hope to get to work on that larger piece soon.

What is your plan for your next DIY weekend project?

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