Go2Girl Designs specializes in beautiful earthy jewelry. Handcrafted in my home in San Diego County, California.

Each piece is made with careful attention to style, functionality, and craftsmanship; with a focus on incorporating fine silver, copper, beautiful stones, and artisan components.  A self-taught jewelry designer, you will find unique designs, along with pieces that cater to current trends, created by myself, Kila Rohner.


Now offering consulting and small business assistance with social media, blog posts, online sales, general brainstorm sessions, and more at Go2GirlDesigns.com

Contact me with questions at go2girldesigns1@gmail.com

I offer a variety of my one of a kind jewelry pieces in my online store and at local venues in San Diego County.  

I have a “thing” for vintage treasures, especially handbags and accessories. You can purchase some of my wonderful finds, the ones I can bring myself to part with, in my Go2Girl Vintage shop on Etsy.

Creating beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry, learning new creative techniques, along with reading, the beach, spending time with my family, and enjoying life are what bring me happiness. I appreciate the positive feedback I receive from each client, and it motivates me to explore my creativity even further.


Being a woman still not sure exactly what she wanted to become in life used to really trouble me. I’ve come to realize that there is much I’ve already become; a business owner, self-taught artisan and designer of sorts, mother, friend, aspiring chef, housekeeper- the list goes on.

I believe my biggest passion is being a student, of life and all that it entails. I love to learn, grow, change, and challenge myself. I may never have the stamina and confidence that I envy in others, but that has never stopped me from wanting to be my best version of myself.

Just a dreamy memory, sipping cappuccino in Pisa under the leaning tower.
Just a dreamy memory, sipping cappuccino in Pisa under the leaning tower.

Please contact me with requests or inquiries regarding stocking my jewelry. 


“When we embrace the gifts within our soul, we create a blissful state of happiness, to be savored, pondered, and cherished.”

           — Michael Teal








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