DIY Weekends

One of my favorite creative outlets are quick low cost weekend projects. It can be anything from furniture refinishing, adding some bright paint to any drab thing, and especially up-cycling thrifted items into something that sparks joy. Below are some of my favorite DIY weekend projects (some took a bit longer than the weekend). Not all are tutorials, since there are bountiful instructions to be found with a simple google search. Hopefully they will inspire you to take look around you and see what you might be able to transform.  You may just see that old picture frame or discarded chair next to your neighbors dumpster (you know you want it) differently.

img_5890This was a fun and simple painted piece, especially memorable because I was able to incorporate some ceramic pieces made by a friend.

These lovely mid-century chairs still bring a smile to my face.


I finally gave macrame a try and, not surprised, I really enjoyed it.



I use these two Jewelry Display products from up-cycled items every day.


DIY Weekend 20 Minute Necklace Display

DIY Weekend Simple Earring Display


This Ikea Hack Tea Chest hold so much tea, I love keeping it all sorted by caffeinated, decaf, medicinal, bedtime and even have room for strainers.