Welcome. This is our first year of homeschooling (Middle and High School). Right away I’ve realized that I need to get organized. I love to organize, so I’ll use any excuse.  As we learn and take this journey together, I plan to share reviews of our favorite texts and curriculum. What worked (or did not work for us) when lesson planning.  I’m always searching for ways to simplify and so I’ll share basic printables as I find a need to create them for our family. If you download any of the worksheets, please comment and let me know how you used them.

Free Homeschool Printables

Click to download free homeschooling printables for personal use (PDF format):

  • Printable .pdf Semester Overview based on school year broken down into ten learning periods or modules (five per semester). Each page can accomodate two students :

Semester 1

Click to Download Semester 1 PDF Template

Screenshot semeser 1 template

Semester 2

Click to Download Semester 2 PDF

Screenshot semester2 overview


  • Printable .pdf Weekly Lesson Plan for students with room for Notes. For my children I used the bottom box as a checkbox. They are instructed to check the box for that day once all of the assignments are complete and turn in their work along with the sheet for me to review (so it is also an attendance log of sorts). I also include the date under each day of the week.

    Weekly Lessons                                                  

Click to Download Weekly Lessons PDF

screenshot weekly lessons template

  • Printable Homeschool Responsibilities:

I just made this up to add to the cover of our weekly folders. A few rules seemed like a good idea. This is what works for us. Feel free to print or just use for some ideas for your families Homeschool plan. One page has two copies, so for two children you’ll only need to print once (click below to open).

Click to Download Homeschool Responsibilities PDF

*If you’d like to purchase a custom pdf printable feel free to Contact Me     Five custom sheets/pages (sent as printable pdf’s) $20 (based on above simple templates) Includes up to two edits within 30 days.  For customizable Excel or Numbers documents pricing varies depending on complexity.

Favorite Homeschooling Resources

Free and intuitive online education in math (so far we have used Pre-Algebra) and other subjects

Fun supplemental resource for Elementary and Middle School Science that includes animated Youtube videos

A variety of courses available for purchase in many subjects, great for High School

Curriculum divided into smaller text and workbooks for ones with focus issues and/or get overwhelmed with large text books

Hewitt Lightening Literature & Composition

Excellent curriculum that incorporates the reading of classics along with student guide and workbooks


Application you can download and use to check out ebooks and audiobooks from your local library for free



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