Why Mochi Ice Cream Should be a Business Expense

You may be asking “What”, “What are Mochi’s”? And if you know what they are you may wonder how they can possibly be viewed as a business expense.
I’ll tell you!

First, Mochi Ice cream is a delicious gooey dough covered ice cream that is available in a variety of flavors. It is covered with a white flour like powder that can get a bit messy.  I try to grab one or two boxes on every trip to Trader Joe’s.  Click here and check them out(my favorites are Mango and Green Tea):

  Now to tell you how I’m able to rationalize classifying them as a business expense.
Most of my followers know that I design and assemble jewelry.  You can view and purchase by visiting kilarohner.com.
I have purchased several storage containers, boxes and kits to store my beads and findings.  However, nothing has been more useful than a Mochi Ice Cream tray.  You all have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words and so here is where I insert the evidence to support my assertion:

Proof!  Now don’t you agree?

9 thoughts on “Why Mochi Ice Cream Should be a Business Expense

  1. Of course I can't speak for the IRS, but in MY opinion, it's a totally valid business expense! Agree with Indy, I might just have to start stocking up on Mochi ^.^~*Erin MacMahon*~organize~design~createwww.eri059.etsy.comhttp://niftygiftyguides.blogspot.com/

  2. LOL, what an adorable post!!! I love TJ's, but have never tried the Mochi's. They sound so yummy, I may have to pick some up . . . all for "the business" of course!!! : )

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